Darren Poulson - Curriculum Vitae

Darren Poulson

22 Balmoral Road




Tel : 01524 389862

Mobile: 0797 101 5737

e-mail : cv@22balmoralroad.net

website : http://www.22balmoralroad.net/

DOB:        3rd May 1975

Driving Licence - Full and without points.


I am a loyal, hardworking individual who likes his independence. I find it easy to interact with people from all walks of life and have a wide circle of friends. My approach to work is very flexible and I enjoy a challenge.

Skills and Achievments

  1. Over twenty years of experience in using computers and networks. Systems include Solaris, Linux, Windows, TCP/IP networks, Cisco network equipment and the Internet.
  2. Ten years experience as Solaris Systems Administrator on Solaris 7, 8, 9, and 10. Over sixteen years of using and administrating Linux systems of various distributions, notably Debian and Ubuntu in recent years.
  3. Deployment and tuning of key system services such as DNS, HTTP (apache), MySQL and SMTP (postfix).
  4. Thorough knowledge of commercial clustering systems including SunCluster, Veritas Cluster, and RSF-1.
  5. Instrumental in the implementation of centralised backup system using Hitatchi Shadow Image and Veritas NetBackup.
  6. Played a key role in real life disaster recovery situations and implemented changes due to lessons learnt.
  7. Very good knowledge of SAN design and infrastructure, specifically HDS based storage arrays and brocade fibre switches.
  8. Some Ingres and Oracle experience from a Systems Administrators point of view which includes installation and system tuning.
  9. Working knowledge of computer languages including C, C++, HTML, SQL, PHP and JAVA.
  10. Good shell scripting skills for automating tasks under UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems. Primarily Bash shell, but also experience in csh and ksh.
  11. An understanding and some practical knowledge of PBX systems including Nortel Meridian Option 11, Avaya and Asterisk.
  12. Maintaining and updating a personal website, along with supplying hosting to a number of local individuals and businesses.
  13. Key planner in a full Data Center redesign and move with negligible downtime for the business.
  14. Critical role in a new Disaster Recovery plan and implementation of survivable services spread across multiple sites.
  15. Some experience in OpenWRT embedded linux systems, making custom firmware images for various routers.


  1. October 2000 to Present
  2. Places for People
    18 Craven Drive
    South Rings
    Bamber Bridge
    PR5 6BZ
  1. Position Held: Unix (Solaris) Administrator.
  2. Tasks included: Day to day running of the company's core applications running on Sun Enterprise systems including datacenter monitoring. Implementation of new hardware and software. Also main point of contact for all backups. Other involvements include setting up a centrally managed Video Conferencing deployment, and designing a company standard for phone systems, with a view to having a unified call plan.
  1. April 2000 to October 2000
  2. E-Mailshots.com
    Mailshot House
    Bold Street
    PR1 7JT
  1. Position Held: Unix (Linux) Administrator.
  2. Tasks included: Setting up and maintaining Web server (including PHP and MySQL), DNS, email, firewall and physical network on mission critical systems. Also co-ordinated integration with existing Windows based network.
  1. May 1991 to March 2000
  2. Iceland Frozen Foods plc
    Royalty Mall
    Arndale Centre
  1. Positions held;
  1. Sales Assistant
  2. Stock and Order Supervisor
  3. Till Worker
  4. Delivery Driver


  1. 1986 to 1993
  2. Attended Morecambe High School, Dallam Avenue, Morecambe.
  1. G.C.S.E's attained: 4 B's, 2 C's and 3 D's
  2. 'A' Level's attained
  1. Physics D
  2. Maths E
  3. Chemistry C
  4. General Studies E
  1. 'AS' Level attained
  1. Electronics D


  1. Designing, building and programming computers and networks.
  2. Reading, mainly Science Fiction / Fantasy.
  3. Socialising with friends, going bowling, to the cinema, pubs etc.
  4. Listening to Rock music, going to live concerts and Rock night-clubs.
  5. An active member of the Lancaster rock music scene.
  6. I have also experienced scuba-diving and taken flying lessons.

Personality Quirks

Never has drunk alcohol, however this has not curtailed my social life in any way, shape or form!


To work in the field of computers and networking and to get as much out of life as possible.